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How STTP Award Alerts Work

Our team searches for premium award availability and flight deals to popular international destinations. This enables us to consistently alert you of premium cabin flight availability and/or fare sales multiple times weekly. Once we have found a deal, we email you the pertinent information in a nicely packed Award Alert Newsletter!

Multiple dates

Our flight alerts always have plenty of dates to choose from.

Multiple seats

Our flight alerts have the availability to book multiple seats.

Lie flat

Enjoy the luxury of international lie-flat first and business class seats.

Flexible Membership Options

Choose from free economy alerts or upgrade to a Straight To The Points Premium membership. With the Premium Membership, you can get the best of the Award Alerts newsletter plus other perks. We’ll even text you when there are great opportunities to book business and first class flights!

Membership Features

72 Hours Advance Notice

Premium only

STTP Premium members receive Award Alerts and premium cabin fare deals at least 72 hours prior to Economy members.

First Class

Premium only

STTP Premium members often find the ultimate in flight experiences — long-haul First Class flights — on some of the best carriers in the world.

Business Class

We focus exclusively on finding comfortable — and often luxurious — business class options to fly to Europe, Asia, Australia and more.

Flight Experience

Not all cabins are the same, and some award alerts have multiple aircraft options. We give you and idea of what to expect on board.

Multiple Seats

We find opportunities to book business and first class for at minimum 2 people and often 4+ people.

Text & Email Alerts

Premium only

For those who want to be the first to receive an award alert, Premium Members can opt to receive instant notifications via text alerts — seriously, check out this example alert!

Exact Dates & Instructions

Premium only

Receive exact dates, as well as insights into the best ways to book transfer partners, taxes and fees, and precise booking instructions so you don’t have to stumble through the process!

Search Preferences

Members can provide their travel preferences, allowing us to concentrate on specific destinations, airlines, priority programs for earning points and miles, and more.

Get started

Choose from our free or premium award alert options.


Limited alert details

Premium Monthly

For occasional travelers

Premium Annual

Go big and save 17%!
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See What People Are Saying!

“Honestly, after signing up for the premium newsletter, I just let STTP decide where I’m going. There’s such a variety of offers hitting my email regularly. Different airlines, different locations, even time periods. It has been great to follow STTP for trip information, but the newsletter really changes everything. I love to do my own research most of the time, but the convenience of the emails are hard to beat so I will be sticking with STTP!”
Jada H, Premium Member
“I booked an alert you sent back in April, and we just got back from this trip to Amsterdam today. I treated myself to an upgrade to JetBlue's Mint Studio for the return to New York and had a great experience! Thanks for sending cash fares like this! We would have never taken this trip if it wasn't for this STTP Premium alert. It was my first time in Amsterdam and I really enjoyed it!”
Matt S, Premium Member

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