Garuda Indonesia Is Back With Another Promo Award - Up To 50% Off

Last December, Garuda Indonesia launched a 90% award promotion. With Garuda Miles being a transfer partner of Citi ThankYou Points, I jumped at the chance to try their first class product. As I quickly learned, booking award flights with Garuda Miles can take quite a few phone calls.

Well, Garuda Indonesia is back with another promotion opportunity (thanks to @KartuPos for the tip!). This time you can earn bonus miles for cash tickets OR redeem Garuda Miles for an award ticket at a reduced rate if you book a flight between London (LHR) and Jakarta (CGK).

Garuda Indonesia Promo Terms

Garuda Indonesia has launched promotion that allows you to book award flights at up to 50% off.

For paid tickets, you can earn 50% more Garuda Miles in first class (F, A, and P fare classes) and in business class (J, C, and D fare classes). Economy class tickets (Y, M, M, K, and N fare classes) will earn a 25% bonus. You must travel between October 31 and November 30, 2017 to be eligible.

For award tickets, you can receive a 50% discount on first class bookings and a 30% discount on business class or economy class bookings. You must book your award flight by November 30, 2017 and travel between October 31, 2017 and January 31, 2018.

How To Book With Garuda Miles

First class awards on Garuda Indonesia usually cost 180,000 Garuda Miles (or Citi ThankYou Points) for a flight between London (LHR) and Jakarta (CGK), but the promo rate is 95,000 miles.

First class awards on Garuda Indonesia usually cost 180,000 Garuda Miles (or Citi ThankYou Points) for a flight between London (LHR) and Jakarta (CGK), but the promo rate is 95,000 miles.

Unlike the previous promotion, you can book this promotional award online. That means you don't have to call Garuda Indonesia or visit a sales office. However, since Citi ThankYou Points can take a few days to transfer to your Garuda Miles account, you might want to consider calling to put an award ticket on hold.

When I booked my first class ticket last December, I was able to put a ticket on hold for 7 days when I called to book. Fortunately, you can use Garuda Indonesia's site to search for award space so you'll be able to specify the date you want to fly with a bit more confidence.

If you choose to book over the phone, call the Amsterdam call center at 31 (0)20-5502600 as they are much easier to work with than the Jakarta office. Additionally, the Jakarta office cannot process American credit cards (as of last December - please let me know if that has changed) while Garuda's office in Amsterdam can. 

To book online but, you must have the required number of Garuda Miles in your account. The miles required for each class of service are as follows:

  • First Class: 95,000 Garuda Miles + about $190 in taxes/fees
  • Business Class: 63,000 Garuda Miles + about $190 in taxes/fees
  • Economy Class: 35,000 Garuda Miles + about $190 in taxes/fees

If you are deciding which class of service to book, I strongly suggest considering first class. I had a great experience last year. If you want the details of my entire trip last year, check out my review of Garuda Indonesia first class.

What To Expect From Garuda Indonesia First Class

On a long flight, you'll love the comfort of your first class bed on Garuda Indonesia.

To give you a quick idea of what to expect from Garuda Indonesia's first class product, here are a few things you can expect.

Your first class seat is better classified as a suite, not unlike Singapore Suites, with doors that close so you can have complete privacy. There are only eight suites in the first class cabin so it's very quiet throughout the flight.

Garuda Indonesia's crew members have a great reputation for being responsive and happy to help at all times. When my seat broke last year, the crew manager spent 10 minutes trying to fix it and, when unable to do so, re-accommodated me in the only empty seat in the cabin (whew!).

Is shoe service over the top? Absolutely. Is it fun? Definitely.

Oh, and do NOT forget the shoe service. It's totally over the top, but it is amazing. White glove service in which they give you slippers and put your shoes in shoe bags - you never know what might happen on a long flight!

The meals are very nice on these long-haul flights and there's plenty of great champagne for you to enjoy. Nothing like champagne and caviar to make you feel fancy!

If you are departing from Jakarta (CGK), you will have the opportunity to enjoy the new first class lounge - it was not complete when I visited earlier this year. What really impressed me about the first class lounge experience was that you are assigned two first class attendants. They escort you through security and are there for anything you might need during your stay.

Final Thoughts

To try Garuda Indonesia first class, I booked a trip around it. I flew to Europe just to try it on the Amsterdam (AMS) to Jakarta (CGK) route. Now, you might not be that crazy, but if you have a trip to Europe or Asia coming up, this would be a great opportunity to include a flight on Garuda Indonesia.

Let me know if you decide to book this amazing experience!