Business Class To Sydney for $675 on ANA

I just booked a roundtrip business class ticket from Vancouver to Sydney for $675 on ANA, a Star Alliance partner of United Airlines. I rarely use cash fares to fly internationally, as I'd prefer to use miles and points to book award tickets that only incur some minor taxes and fees.

However, this deal was too good to pass up!

ANA business class tickets were on sale for tons of dates with stays in Sydney of at least 7 days.

Some people were able to book business class tickets for just under $600! The image above shows prices at 70,290 JPY which is just under $640.

Personally, I'm ecstatic about my $675 booking as it overlaps with the bookings of two friends. I don't know about you but working from Sydney and hanging out with friends sounds like an awesome adventure to me.

I'm holding off on making any hotel or Airbnb reservations for now as I want to be sure that ANA will honor these fares. With fares this cheap, it's hard to know if an airline was offering a golden ticket opportunity or merely made a pricing mistake.

If ANA claims it was a mistake, they can still choose to honor the tickets they have issued. In fact, Qatar Airways did so just this past week when they published some amazing business class fares.

Hopefully, ANA ran a golden ticket sale or, at the very least, will look at this as an opportunity to show off their highly regarded business class product to build interest in their transpacific service from North America.

If you decide to do a quick search, I'd suggest doing so on ANA's website. Make sure you use the advanced search function so you can see your ideal travel dates plus/minus 3 days.

Now, I just need to figure out how I'm getting to Vancouver...

h/t: Fly4Free

*Featured image courtesy of ANA