When Airfare Sales Aren't Really A Good Deal

Sometimes I have moments that remind me why miles and points really are the best way to see the world.

I got an email from Delta about their Australia Getaway “sale”.

Here are their cheapest round trip options from Boston and Los Angeles to Sydney in economy and business class.

(Other major U.S. cities had similar prices)

I’m left with one thought...


I’ll show you a sale.

I booked an 18-day trip AROUND THE WORLD with stops in the U.A.E. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Singapore, and southern Malaysia.

Total cost? $917.

Not only was my trip $633 cheaper than my cheapest option in Delta’s Australian Getaway “sale” (never mind whatever they think they are doing with their business class fares), but I will see 4 countries, at least 6 cities, and my flights are on three of the highest rated airlines in the world.

That’s not just a sale, that’s an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.

Here’s a handy chart I made to really put this in perspective.

(All in, this flight cost a whopping $19.50)

Miles/Points for the WIN!!!

And you know what the best part is?


What's your experience with airfare sales? How does purchasing flights leave you feeling?

See you in the sky!

*Featured image courtesy of Delta